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Who Stole the PV Panel?

(November 2010) posted on Tue Oct 19, 2010

Thieves are at work removing PV modules and equipment

Thieves are at work removing PV modules and equipment from unsecured, remote installations at farms, wineries, and school rooftops, according to the California State Sherriff’s Association. The Napa Valley winery industry has been especially affected by the thefts. CSSA reported that more than 400 panels worth $400,000 were taken from wineries from June 2008 until September 2009. A San Francisco-area high school reported theft of 108 newly installed panels as well, with a worth estimated at $40,000.

According to Arthur O’Donnell, executive director at the Center for Resource Solutions, SolarInsure and other brokers specializing in theft insurance for renewable-energy systems have reported a steady rise in claims. SolarInsure says that in the future, anti-theft measures will have to be in place before they’ll underwrite new business.


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