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Upgraded Web-Fed Screen Press

(September 2011) posted on Tue Sep 06, 2011


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UV-LED curing technology is the latest upgrade to the K61 from Kammann ( The K61 ECO UV-LED is a roll-to-roll, web screen-printing system that features a complete servomotor drive system and modular design that allows combinations of screen printing, die cutting, laminating, stamping, and finishing. According to Kammann, UV-LED curing uses an average of 8 w/lamp for web systems, eliminates noise pollution from exhaust blowers, emits low amounts of heat, has a compact footprint, and supports more than 10,000 hours of manufacturing use. Other system upgrades include digital web- and tension-control features designed to allow the machine to print color-to-color registration in the range of ± 50 µm based on material thickness and ink viscosities.


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