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Business Management

(March 2010) posted on Mon Mar 29, 2010

How to Extend Your Printing Capabilities

By Bill Donovan, Jr.

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Simple solutions from a single source. That’s a guiding principle at Screenprint/Dow and is something that we constantly strive to deliver to our customers. Some jobs make this goal a true challenge to meet, but with varied equipment list and talented staff, just about anything is possible.

As a specialist in the graphics-printing and membrane-switch industry, Screenprint/Dow has built a reputation by developing creative and innovative solutions for customer programs and combining an extensive knowledge of material and adhesives with state-of-the-art printing equipment and a wealth of skill. Along the way, we’ve developed ways to extend not only the capabilities of our equipment, but also the people on whom we rely each day to exceed customer expectations and our own standards.

Start with details
Screenprint/Dow’s operations are geared specifically to manufacture products for very demanding applications. According to Bob Boileau, founding partner and vice president/general manager, a key element is front-end loading—getting down as much information as possible before the actual manufacturing process begins. This may require more work than usual in the initial stages of a project, but he explains that such an investment in getting all of the facts straight saves the customer a lot of aggravation and the company a lot of expense.

Front-end loading may require you to extend yours sales team’s skill set to include familiarity with technical jargon, investigative techniques, technical writing or documentation, and more. However, Boileau has found that such an investment in salespeople makes a solid impression on customers in the early stages of their projects and ultimately leads to product quality that will secure additional business.

Invest in expanding your capabilities
We thrive on the opportunity to explore new and different applications. It’s the best way to learn how we can do our job better, and it’s what makes us grow and will carry us into the future. These are technologies that just go together naturally, so if you have one down already, adding the next isn’t such a leap of knowledge or investment.


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